Studio - Concept Me

A Concept-Team

Concept Me’s projects are the products of an imaginative and collaborative process. One of the many reasons the wealth of projects the studio has produced stands out is due to the uniform communication of vision. From the sketches and mood boards in the conceptual stage to the loud presence on site, every single member of Concept Me’s team is aligned and invested in the process. Our team members, as diverse in their skills as in their international presence, are inspired and driven by an organic and focused vision. Our team creates projects that allow people to interact with the scenic environment around them. Armed with values of anti-commercial creativity, setting new standards, out-of-the-box thinking and provocative ideas that stimulate the mind and the process of living, Concept Me is a collective of people who love the voyage of design and personal evocation. 

A Day in the Life

Being in the business of redefining design standards and creating unparalleled dimensions of spatial living, a day at Concept Me is as eclectic as the anomaly-like elements embedded in our projects. The Concept Me modus operandi hangs on the idea of creating from scratch. As a multi-disciplinary studio with a 360° approach to project curation, our members’ day is an amalgamation of processes and locations. From the creative stages of designing elements, selecting fabrics, observing inspirational artworks, sketching iterations, having conversations that drive creativity to holding technical meetings, conducting supplier visits and site visits, organizing logistics, running through price lists and collectively communicating the project vision to all team members, Concept Me has become a value chain built on creative conceptualization and project management. That is a regular day in the life for a Concept Me member.

An Anarchic Inclination to Creativity

Creativity is a process that needs time to breathe. Creativity is born where systematic approaches and programmed routines are avoided. Most importantly, creativity is an anarchic expression of the self and of a vision that is expanded, changed, defined, redefined and challenged. The projects we take on tend to stimulate us. Our clients are people who have experienced the world thoroughly and have high standards that they expect us to meet. We, in turn, have certain standards and idealistic conceptions that we aim to achieve. We meet these challenging standards through a collaborative process of constant creativity, diverse inspirations and a ‘create it from the ground up’ mentality. Our anarchic attitude towards creativity pushes us daily to challenge the status quo and create projects unseen before, leaving behind statements of graceful and bold art.

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