Latest Happenings - Concept Me

Putting in the time and the effort to oversee the projects in execution over the past 18 months has been quite hectic. Concept Me’s virtual supervision system has been effective and interactive. However, nothing really compares to the thrill of overseeing the project on site and seeing the main structure bloom out of the ground. We also developed more content across the stages of our projects’ completion & it’s headed your way!

Endless meetings were conducted.

We handed over the keys.

Concept Me’s vision was realized.

Soon enough, we would have handed over 4 projects at the same time which was a massive feat, stressful but a milestone at the same time. It’s always a rewarding and bittersweet moment once we hand our clients the keys to their homes, after making those homes our daily priorities for years. Looking back on these projects, we are reminded by the first creative meetings with the clients, the massive scope of bringing different teams on board, the endless meetings about construction, door handles and tiles, the furniture picking process and more. Those details and memories are part of the joy in our process.