Creative Closets - Concept Me

A Minimalist Stage

The motif of Less is More is best expressed in the rebranding effort of our client’s stores in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai and Cairo. Concept Me approached these projects with the aim of guiding tastes without overwhelming clients. At the heart of the force lines that paved the user experience, we re-shuffled the stores’ elevations, inserted sleek windows that hinted at an internal overview, integrated innovative solutions such as fences made of ropes and created a serene garden space where clients could allow their attention spans to stretch and their closet-designing ideas to breathe. In the pursuit of minimalism, sharp edges and geometric Vibia lights accentuated the emptiness of the space. This designed vacancy allowed for a sublimation of the clients’ focus onto the showcased closets. To draw attention to the functionality and the purposes of each, separate closet creation, we designed and installed stage-like structural set ups in which individual closets were showcased. This rebranded Creative Closets into a minimalist theatre - a theatre dedicated to its craft.

An Outline of Inspiration

In alignment with the client’s services of designing closets, we wanted to craft an interior experience of blank inspiration from which creations arise. This was manifested in the geometric light fixtures that appeared as twisted, vacant outlines, the monolithic stages that outlined the closets displayed, the squared wood samples that served as wall art and the sleek, innovative Customer Service desks we designed. Concept Me personally designed closets and bookshelves for the client. This approach reflects the functional, collaborative and inspired manner in which we strive to make hollow space theatrical and alive.

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