Brix by 3FILS - Concept Me

A Design for the Senses

Design and its functional narrative work in a manner that articulates the story of the space and stimulates the senses of those experiencing it. A 70 sqm bar, Brix by 3Fils is one of the developments that highlights Concept Me’s adoption of projects that have heart and story regardless of scope and size. This 11-seater dessert bar was a hidden gem that illuminated the intense experience of tasting dessert served as art. The approach was to narrow down the experience to focus on the dessert. Within the industrial ambience, the massive marble slab served as the main bar - a connection medium between the chef and the audience. The concrete rawness of the experience and the intensity of the 3 Louis Poulsen light fixtures intensified the connection between the audience and the tastes they got to explore. A dimmed down, highly-alluring aura was established in the aim of accentuating the taste of the dessert and truly translating the vision of Brix’s chef and founder - a vision that focused on stimulated senses.

Concrete Raw Ambience

Creating alluring spaces that capture the core of an experience is a pillar on which Concept Me builds its projects. Brix by 3Fils was inspired by the intimate excitement of sitting in one’s kitchen and enjoying blasts of flavor. To establish that, we integrated cozy elements into the design, including intricate copper linings and ambient lighting. The layout needed to be part of the designed experience which is why we aimed for minimal clutter, created a raw, concrete space that was complemented by the impressive marble bar and allowed the dessert itself to be the sensual center of attention.

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