DiaAgram 4 - Concept Me

An Alternative Space

It was the inspiration from envisioning the space that Warehouse 4 could be. Aiming to shy away from skyscraper offices, Concept Me decided to build form from principle by creating a studio, a hub and a collaborative space in which designers from multiple disciplines and backgrounds can meet, collaborate, discuss their processes and widen the realms of creative concepts. This was the purpose of this year-long experimental exhibition. DiaAgram 4 was a mass of space dedicated to design, interiors, art and architecture. Warehouse 4 was turned into a space denoted by art, serving as the meeting hub for those who aimed to understand and contribute to the modes with which space interacted with design and vice versa. From an abandoned concrete warehouse, we brought to life a space that spoke of design practices, that exhibited ideas and that originated a community of diverse individuals whose skills, passions, conceptual interests and projects ignited the spirit we aimed to curate and broaden at this espace habitè.

A Community Created

At Concept Me, we recognize the incomparable spark that is generated from creative minds collaborating. DiaAgram 4 was built on the foundation of collaboration. Concept Me founder, Nina Parvaresh, personally sourced artists from across the region and curated select pieces to display and sell at the exhibition. DiaAgram 4, envisioned by Nina, was brought to life through the many collaborators she has worked with for over a decade including Golran, Pierre Frey, Ponti, Vibia, Orpoject and many more. This warehouse gradually came together like a complex, multi-faceted painting exhibiting design, interior beauty, art and architectural concepts. It came together piece by piece like the community it created.

Residential Commercial