Lomar Home - Concept Me

A Transformative Notion

The process of interior design entails a recreation of elements, a translation of ideas and a transformation of present structures. The journey of creating a beautified, geometric line of furniture pieces came about when Lomar’s CEO recognized the mass of wasted material as a byproduct of their manufacturing efforts. With Concept Me’s visionary and curious creativity, the wasteful byproduct was transmuted into a 14-item furniture line. From cut up carboard rolls, torn up fabrics, abandoned cufflink pieces and unutilized zippers, Concept Me brought to life pieces that spoke of sustainability, of recycled beauty and of symmetrical elements that aligned with Lomar’s commitment to bold, geometric cuts in their fashion items. Poufs that allowed the user to sit on any angle due to their symmetrical design, hollow-backed armchairs that could be filled up with different items in the back to create a personalized art piece and coffee tables that supported their own weight due to the organized, honeycomb structure of their cardboard bases were interpretations of the material Concept Me had to work with. This was creation from scratch at its most creative and its most sustainable.

Infinite Recreation

This project defined the process of recreation from the rawest of materials. This was elemental composition from a strange collection of wasted, unrelated material brought together to create items that served a function and translated a mission - a mission directed at reutilizing material instead of wasting it. The real highlight of this project was the challenge of clutching at different tangible elements and bringing them together into a functional and visually-relevant compound that fit the Lomar brand aesthetic, served the sustainability criteria and showcased the designer’s distinguished talent at recreating with whatever was available. This is creativity battling wastefulness.

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