Lomar - Concept Me

An Ode to Modern Edges

The design process must be parallel to the identity of the space that it aims to bring to life. Our client was a premium fashion and lifestyle brand known for incorporating bold cuts and forced sharpness into its pieces. Cuts and sharp edges were the modular inspiration for the entire store layout carved and shaped by Concept Me. The aspect of the cut generated a fragmented organization into the ways the wooden structures were displayed across the store, protruding from the white walls and composing the strata-like staircase. Dissected sharp edges - stacked in a contemporary mode of simplicity - inspired the spacious layout to accommodate different retail categories, the understated colors to allow the items to stand out and the wide areas to pave the user experience with slanted light and the feeling of an emerging force. These force lines were at the heart of the design, guiding the shopping experience and providing an element of depth at the same time - keeping in tandem with our client’s deep and forceful identity.

An Organic Appeal

Our client’s mission was to create clothes that shaped the body. Our mission was to shape the place accordingly. This involved the integration of a cellular appeal to the place with the cut stacks of wood providing an organic outlook. In the same vein, Concept Me had created a Lomar Home line; signature pieces created from recycled material collected at the manufacturing sites and displayed within the store. Cohesively, this allowed us to deliver a project that was functional in the retail sense but edgy and organic at its identity’s core.

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