SADAFCO - Concept Me

A Working Rhythm

Approached by the management to realign their headquarters with the new working standards expected in the modern working world, Concept Me understood that this space needed to provide a functional and peaceful equilibrium that brought the mantra of work-life-balance to life through expansive space layouts, diagonal partitions, muted-colored glass and modular furniture. From the grey concrete of a typical corporate office, we reinvented the space by staying true to the brand colors, vision and workday expectations. This was accomplished by punctuating the working space with happy zones where the staff can relax, designing the furniture from scratch in the Scandinavian mode to be multi-functional but spacious enough for focused privacy, utilizing diagonal lines (in the furniture and the layout) to create an interlaced working community and spreading out the interior elements in a clutter-free, simply-accented manner that echoed comfort and came together in a fluent rhythm. This project serves as a statement to the way we relieve chaotic pressure through harmonious design.

Space Laced with Life

In a fast-paced corporate setting, the alleviation of the space can contribute to the elevation of the occupants’ states of mind and progress. This 90-days, fast turnover project pushed us to curate an experience that promoted a diagonal pattern of interaction between space and person. It started with breaking down the walls (literally) to craft a breathy environment within which privacy was not compromised. We then instilled greenery, in alignment with the brand color scheme, to add life to the diagonal spaces designated for recreation and mindful breaks. This is corporate space brought to life through rhythmic design.

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