The Library - Concept Me

A Design for Exclusivity

Inspired by private gentlemen’s clubs, The Library was designed to offer private peace, a wealth of detail and an ambient experience to its select members. Concept Me’s project curation aligns with its clients’ backgrounds. In this case, our client’s rich travelling experience motivated us to inject grandiose details of the world. Artwork commissioned to Nadim Basna reflected the elements of conciergerie. Curated accessories, manufactured by Asiatides Paris added specks of textured consciousness to the vast space. Re-modernized vintage Golran rugs, as part of our curation, enriched the theme of juxtaposition with the modernistic flooring. Lavai chandeliers bounced the ambient light off the Murano glass and illuminated the custom-made Furia Cuscini and Erba furniture. A homage to Venetian homes, the handpicked Pierre Frey wallpaper and fabrics were matched with the plastered walls which were gently painted by a commissioned artist. This is ageless spatial design brought to life through modern processes and details, defining a new form of the industrial chic.

An Interactive Essence

Mixing eclectic space with vintage material in the aim of achieving a juxtaposed feel of heritage and the future came with the responsibility of achieving functionality. The Library’s worldly details and aged textiles were as important as the privacy and the space layout implemented into the design. From cigar lounges, a golden bar section, a five-star cuisine restaurant, screening rooms and meeting rooms to the sharp shelves filled with handpicked volumes from Maison Assouline, we aimed to provide the members of The Library with a guided experience that spoke of the world, of luxury and of exclusive interactions. 

Residential Commercial