The Golden Tower - Concept Me

Inherited Touches

Refurbishing someone’s way of life adds a rejuvenated and personal approach to the design process. In the refurbishment of this residential space, the main focus was to dig into the history of the place with the elements that were already present and then build on that base. This required a mix-and-match attitude. For example, the custom-made Maison Taillardat desk dripping with lush antiquity was matched with a modern armchair, evoking a sense of aged luxury serving a functional utility. The blend of silk added to the client’s Persian carpets by Gorlan gave a sense of wonder. The inherited china, accessories and antiques told their own stories. This manipulation of the client’s old pieces with our curated additions allowed for a correlation between person and space. Additionally, through embedding a Parisian theme into the house, we married European modes of living with Middle Eastern heritage and brought about a new approach to how people live within their space through amalgamated inspirations.

Paving Beautified Living

Space is a blank slate that is to be filled with practical fixtures and beautified elements. Everyday moments are made scenic through the process of design. The inherited touches, the elevated perspectives and the integration of curated furniture contributed to ensuring that every angle of The Golden Tower Residence exuded a sense of beauty that was personal, understated, lush yet simplified. This project aimed to present the coziness and practicality of a home that was paved with intense beauty and the wonders of an antiquated past made new, made vivid.

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