The Story - Concept Me

Story of a Concept

Stemming from the desire to design and redefine the human interaction with space in a multi-sensory manner, Concept Me was founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur and architect Nina Parvaresh. From the get go, Concept Me took on projects that enabled the visionary and singular elements of design to be implemented into scenic environments. As a boutique agency that adopts projects regardless of scope and scale, Concept Me aims to be versatile, organic and eclectic in the way it exceeds the expectations of excellence within the design industry. In the process of breaking the technocratic boundaries of design and decorative curation, the Concept Me team marries the metaphorical elements of abstract ideas and visionary design with the detailed-oriented and technical factors involved in the execution process. The beauty of inspired sketches is meticulously built within the dust-covered sites. As a multi-disciplinary boutique studio, Concept Me treats its projects as a conversation that breathes and grows from client discussions until the final project delivery. This is space transformed into vivid, tangible epiphanies.

A Concept of Redefinitions

A true concept for design and curated living is defined by its multitudes. Concept Me was founded on the principle of shattering the conservative perspectives of traditional design. Advocating the imagination is what we do daily as a global team, allowing us to become the primary go-to for high-end, avant-garde projects. Our portfolio appears like a haut monde book for functional and holistic living. Through material matching, customized production and detailed development, we have paved a new road of interactive and sensory design that adds a universal personalization to our work. It is our mission to curate and create singular statements in each project we handle. This is how we situate ourselves and our clients’ projects as concepts that redefine space.

Nina’s Story

A creative dictator at heart and a go-getter by nature, Nina Parvaresh has a tendency to break through the boundaries of design’s conservative and boxed-in traditions. Her loud and singular vision has driven Nina’s process from her studying Architecture at the École d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais in the distinguished Les Beaux-Arts site in Paris to her executing projects in different countries and regions. A resourceful attitude, an ability to navigate through obstacles, a people-centric persona and a wildly imaginative mind allowed Nina to blaze a trail on how design, creation and execution should function as a cohesive process. Sleepless nights, a dedicated vision towards shifting and redefining ‘design practices’ along with her fiery entrepreneurial spirit led this creative perfectionist to establish her own practice, Concept Me. The proof of intangible vision being transformed into solid reality is reflected in Nina’s projects. Perusing her work leaves one marveling at the polarizing details, the scope of the execution and the unconventional process. Nina, a connector of design and people, continues to challenge the status quo, to take the bull by the horns and to sketch her story one project and statement at a time. 

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