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November 27th, 2021

It is Not Contemporary. It is Modern Design.

In the subjective world of design, its distinctive arrays, spatial settings and color palettes can leave a wide space for confusion as to what style is which. One of the biggest misconceptions that we, at Concept Me, have had to routinely rectify for a lot of clients pertains to the misuse of the word Contemporary when Modern is what is aimed for. Just because they’re synonyms, they do not come with the same definition.

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Nina on Trend

Come along with Nina for a visual narrative covering different design trends and styles. Nina discusses the basics of different design trends, their inspirations, palettes and associated furniture items in detail and with stellar mood boards.

Nina Reacts

In this segment, Nina lends her personal and design-oriented opinion about some of your favorite TV shows and movies. She, clearly, has a lot to say and it's all fresh insight!

Nina Meets the Industry

In these segments, Nina meets with the craftsmen and the legends of the design and architecture industries. Join Nina as she travels from place to place, introducing you to the people that make this industry interesting and ever-changing!

A Day with Nina

A day in the life with Nina! Follow Nina around the sites, in the office and across meetings. This is reality TV meets design and architectural chaos. This is as real as it gets!

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13 Years of Concept’s Content!

This week marks the launch of Concept Me’s content across our digital platforms curated and created by our team & delivered by Concept Me’s founder Nina Parvaresh. Discover the process of how this content came about!

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Stemming from the desire to design and redefine the human interaction with space in a multi-sensory manner, Concept-Me was founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur and architect Nina Parvaresh as a multi-disciplinary design studio offering a 360° design and execution service.

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