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Adapting Strategy in an Adaptable World.

October 7th, 2022 / 2 min read

It is needless to say that the one thing that is constant in our every-changing business world is the fact that nothing is constant and that everything is in a state of change. After the two years that involved a global pandemic, massive shifts in the industry and its supply chain, the changing attitudes of the labor market and political unrest, it became clear that what every business and business owner must capitalize on is the creation of an adaptable work environment. 

Being an adaptable team member is not enough to create a company culture that can adapt to changes. It is integral to create, nourish and encourage a company culture that is built on adaptability, flexibility and the ability to manage change with no disruption. In a way, adaptability is the best preventative measure against the raging tides of change in every industry. Being adaptable and proficient at responding to constant changes serves as an absorbing cushion against the forces of change.

From our experience at Concept Me and with the adaptable, glass-half-full managerial style of Nina Parvaresh, our Founder and Managing Director, we have put together a couple of strategic ways to create an adaptable working culture that is constantly resilient, inspired and capable of weathering the storms that keep popping up.

The first thing we learned is to give up on believing that we can predict what is to come. Business forecasts, having enough experience to expect certain changes and their respective responses as well as preparing for changes are great tactics. But it is essential to understand that one cannot control all changes and that sometimes it really is just best to … roll with the punches.

Secondly, it served us very well to be constantly innovative in the way we do things. Being stagnant and staying as we are while refusing to change the way we do things until dire circumstances force us to is not something that reflects a forward-thinking company and halts growth and innovation. So, constantly change up the way you do things – it makes everyone more receptive of change, even when they don’t need to be.

Thirdly, and listen real close here, KEEP LEARNING AT THE HEART OF THE COMPANY CULTURE. Encouraging a culture that promotes learning and development is essential. As the world around us changes and moves, so should we. Learning new skills, working towards our full potential and becoming more experienced build a solid base that allow us to battle the tides of unexpected changes.

These three factors are applicable to any kind of business, in any kind of industry. From experience, they truly do work. So, in adapting strategically to changes, it is essential to be preventative and to not wait for changes to come for us to take action: remove predictability, innovate and keep on learning.

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