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Beach-Side Vibe Interiors in the Time of Banned Travel.

August 24th, 2021 / 2.5 min read

It just so happens that a vast majority of us have had to make our homes our permanent places to be. The irony is quite obvious. In the process of quarantine and the endless days of being confined, we at Concept Me have put our core skills to use and tried to reinvent the spaces we inhabit.

At its core, interior design is a process of creating imaginative spaces and scenes within constrained parameters. With the summer breeze teasing you through the windows and the sun shining arrogantly, you don’t need to head to the beach to live the season in full. Bring it home. You know - just fake it till you make it.

A coastal vibe is one that can add a fresh outlook on your daily life around the year. These light and comforting palettes are full of recreation and the sense of liberated openness. You can choose from the hip Hampton style with its stylish, rustic chicness or go for the sunny Spanish and Italian terracotta details of a chic Mediterranean element. Don’t limit yourself - but also, make sure you keep it understated so as not to overwhelm your space.

When it comes to your color choices, try neutrals in white, beige, pale blue, pebble gray for primary colors, aquamarine and teal for accent colors, and warmer reds, coral or navy as secondary colors. For a visual understanding of what we’re saying, watch Nina (Concept Me Chief) guide you through this here.

Then really go for the fun accoutrements and the things you always told yourself you wouldn’t buy -because of the B word. Don’t’ worry - you deserve a little Budget freedom. So, get the new sheer curtains, let the sun through. Splurge on some coastal pots and vases that you can fill up with greenery. Get yourself that wicker armchair you weren’t really sure would match your space. This is you turning that living room into your own private Navagio.

Think cozy-meets-island resort. Incorporate botanicals like discreet succulents, slender palms, white lilies or some frangipani. And most importantly: declutter. Simple open-plan layouts with fewer decorative items make room to take in your coastal-inspired surroundings.

Now, we hope these design tips got you out of the quarantine bubble. Start your mood board, get to browsing items, inspirations and coastal sites and take a trip from the very comfort of your home. From the Concept Me team and Nina, we hope you get to design your own vacation & stay safe!

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