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Project UNO – When Concept Me Came to Be

September 1st, 2021 / 2 min read

In the business of making dreams come true, it is unfortunate to note that 90% of start-up companies fail. Read on - this is not a depressing piece. The 10% that do make it however almost always have a special story behind them - a set of ingredients that cook up their success. The recipe is rarely one that is uniform, calculated and structured. Success, as Concept Me’s founder, Nina Parvaresh, has realized, is the result of a marriage between opportunity and talented hard work.

What happens when a 23-year-old architecture graduate with a teaching post meets with a high-net-worth client that has been struggling to build their dream villa? 

In this scenario, what happened is: Concept Me got founded! A veteran contractor in Saudi believed in Nina’s work. Through him, Nina met with the client and disproved of their current plans regarding the design of their dream residential project. In their first meeting, she boldly told the client to give her two weeks to return with the right proposal plan for them. 

With 1,200 Euros in her account as she awaited her first salary from her teaching job, Nina hired a team composed of her best friends from architecture school to create plans of wonder in the impossible time of 14 days. The proposal came together after nights devoid of sleep, creativity bouncing off the walls and anxious determination bubbling in Nina. The build-up eventually led her to walk into the client’s space and fill up a 14-seater dining table with the imaginative plans, perspectives and elaborate 3DS she had for them. Voila. Project signed off. Nina got going. Joined the 10%.

If only it were that easy…

Again, in the business of making dreams come true it seems to pay off to stay personal, to stay dedicated, to truly love what you do and breathe it and live it and watch it come to life. Concept Me was founded on the ideas of creative perseverance and entrepreneurial drive. The wildfire that feeds its projects is kept burning by the love of design, the pride in telling stories through the projects and in truly conceptualizing the ideas that clients have in mind.

In the business of dreams and stories coming to life, Concept Me by Nina aims to tell its clients stories and make their dreams tangible through brick, stone, furniture and art. We’d love to hear about what story and dream you have mind - share your concept, you!

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