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Prints, Plants & Patterns – Bringing Back Boho!

July 24th 2022 / 5 min read

What do we mean when we say Boho style? To many people, their thoughts immediately turn to Coachella outfits and trendy influencers that wear mismatched clothing … Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

Boho style stems from the French word bohémien which refers to Bohemia, a region that was inhabited by a Romani people whose culture and lifestyle were built around art and music. Therein lies the core of this liberated, expressive and laid-back style. There is an ease of self-expression in Boho interiors, an ability to feel like you are in a natural space with a freeing brightness to it.

At Concept Me, we make sure that whenever we begin designing a project, we create a design vocabulary for it. This design vocabulary is dictated by the principles and key elements that fit into that style. So, for Boho interiors, for example, our design vocabulary list would cover:

  • Eclectic
  • Natural Elements
  • Vintage Pieces
  • Patterns
  • Different Prints
  • Comfort
  • Positive Energy
  • Raw Material
  • Culture
  • Worldly
  • Casual
  • Thrift Items
  • Art
  • Whimsy
  • Earthy Tones


So, let’s bring all these defining elements into a four-step strategy - we’ll keep it brief and simple, Designer Wanna Bes…

Step One: Involve a mix of patterns, colors, textures and finishes in a carefree manner. You can do that by mixing a quilted throw on a neutral-colored sofa that has pillows of different patterns and prints. Your color palette here should know no bounds, but always make sure that a neutral color serves as your grounding force because no one wants to be in a room where the main color is red, for example. Boho is not supposed to inspire rage, after all. Go for subdued shades of dark green, mustard yellow, rusty vermillion against a backdrop of a calming beige.

And use natural elements as part of your textures. Jute rugs, woven pillows and wooden side tables are a perfect statement to the natural spirit that Boho represents. Natural elements should not push you away from the accentuating impact of bringing in some leathers and some metallic, rustic touches. Bring in a beautiful floor lamp that looks like it has been through a war (just ... you know, dust it off first). Inject some leather in your pillows or armchairs and if you can find a tree-trunk coffee table - embellish it with some hand-made ceramics.

Now, Step Two: Culture and authentic influence. Let’s circle back to that Coachella approach… Boho interiors must truly reflect an authentic feel. At their core, they are a reflecting of the comfortable, laid-back, true self version of the person living within them. So, don’t incorporate Hippie culture just because you think it’s trendy. Inject cultural items that matter to you and that truly reflect the heart and soul of Boho interiors. This is open for interpretation. Whether you collect items from different places around the world, whether you respect and appreciate African or Arabic or European Art, whether you have old books that you’ve never touched but kept for the aesthetic, inject them in your space and let them compliment the space’s narrative.

Moving on. Step Three: Keep it casual. As with any design trend, Boho interiors must actually suit your character. Boho interiors are for the ones that love casual conversation, that like to read, enjoy music, that avoid the formal and embrace the natural, the comfortable. So, don’t fuss up the space. Pile cushions on the floor, bring in a statement ottoman, invest in a couple of patterned poufs and decorate the space with thrift shop items that have more value in their character and history than on their price tag and in their sleek look. Also, word to the wise - a wicker rocking chair is a statement piece in and of itself. People will fight to sit on that throne…ok, we’ll tone it down.

And finally, Step Four: Bring art, whimsy and more plants than you can afford into the space! Boho interiors are all about encouraging a care-free, playful and breezy atmosphere. So, get whimsical and artistic with some cool wallpaper, tapestries, authentic art pieces, your own clay moldings and some small sculptures. Your own artistic tendencies can come in handy here. Display your records, prop up a guitar or a wooden keyboard from a garage sale. Put your spirit into this place! And whatever you do, do not (and we repeat) do not forget the plants. Whether they are hanging on the walls, sprouting from ceramic pots or propped on consoles and shelves, bring in a lot of plants. Invite the jungle into your space and watch your breezy, Boho interior bloom!

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